About Us

We are a team of duly licenced health professionals passionate about producing and ensuring the availability of effective, safe and quality dermatological and beauty products.

Over a decade, we have devoted our time and professionalism to develop and formulate products with beneficial bioactives from nature  known as cosmeceuticals or dermaceuticals.

Quality and Safety

With health and beauty as our driving force, we ensure our active ingredients are carefully harnessed from safe natural sources.

Quality control is executed at every production stage hence safe and healthy products are guaranteed.

We are proud to say that our research and development laboratory and production plant are certified and ISO 9001 compliant.


At Speckles Beauty, our story is rooted in a deep love for humanity. The journey began with a heartbreaking loss when our founder experienced the devastating effects of skin cancer on a beloved family member. As a pharmacist specializing in production, she possessed the knowledge and passion to make a difference. Determined to create products that would benefit people’s lives, Speckles Beauty was born. Our mission is to produce and provide beauty and personal care products that not only enhance beauty but also prioritize the well-being of individuals. Speckles Beauty is committed to crafting unique products that truly make a difference.

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Our Vision...

To be the world best in caring, beautifying, nurturing & nourishing our consumers skin, health & general well-being.

Our Mission...

To proffer quality, effective, healthy &safe beauty formulas & regimens that aim at beautifying, nourishing, repairing, rejuvenating, renewing the skin & general well-being of our consumers.

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